Prophesy – Testimony of an Angelic Visitation

I want to share this personal testimony and experience with you to verify the ministry of angels among us because they have come to take prophetic ministry to a higher level. The Lord has released me to share this Angelic Visitation with you today because these Angels are being released strategically into the *Body of Christ. They will work to bring about the transformation necessary within the *Body of Christ in preparation for * the second coming of the Jesus Christ to earth. I personally give God glory and our ministry gives the glory to God, for it all belongs to Him. May you be encouraged and drawn close to the Father, Jesus the Son and the wonderful Holy Spirit. Do not be distracted by Angels but keep positioned before God. Seek after God and ask Him to bring you into prophetic revelation, so that you can know Him and deepen your relationship with Him. Ask Him to increase your prophetic seer anointing.This article will motivate you to make Him your passion and pursuit. It will also encourage you to receive the help of *Angels into your prophetic office. (Words with the * have explanations at the end of this article.)

During the night of Sunday November 8th or early morning of November 9th, 2009 I had the following Angelic Visitation.

I went to bed early on Sunday evening around 9:30 pm not because of being tired but because I wanted to spend some more time with the Lord. After some time of worship, I drifted off to sleep. At some time in the night I entered into a dream and found myself entering into a Heavenly realm.

This realm was a very beautiful setting. I had flown to this place in the Holy Spirit and I descended to a standing position in a very peaceful meadow like scene. There were lots of trees and plants growing in this place. Within a few feet of where I had come to stand, I noticed a small angel sitting on the ground tending to one of the plants. This angel was around 1 foot in height but in appearance was fully developed and mature. It was not an infant but very joyful and childlike. There were many of these angels in this place and they were constantly frolicking with each other. They were filled with joy and loved playing non competitive games with each other in hilarious joy filled pleasure. In the midst of their exuberant joy, they also tended to the plants and other growing things in this place.

These gardening angels recognized my arrival and presence there. They warmly welcomed me into their realm. I was then introduced to a company of angels. There were seven angels in total that I met and they eagerly met me as they gathered around me. They began to introduce themselves to me. They all appeared in human like form. They all were dressed in simple ordinary human styles of clothing. There was an accelerated method of communication there that operated on a spirit to spirit level. It could include spoken words but was not limited to that. This form of communication occurs on a much higher level than anything known in our earthly realms.

The first angel that engaged me was called the Angel of Revelation. This angel was positioned to my left side. When I looked into this angel’s eyes, she immediately began to communicate with me. This angel was female in appearance with an ordinary white dress with a few red accessories. She had blond hair casually styled and the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen. As I looked into her eyes she introduced herself to me. She told me she was called the Angel of Revelation. She then showed me her angelic form. Her human form suddenly was changed into a radiant, brilliant, shining form that radiated a deep blue light. She then came back into her human form and continued to dialogue with me. I noticed her unique eyes. Her blue eyes radiated light towards me but I noticed that her pupils were willow leaf shaped and almost cat like. She responded to that thought. She explained that her eyes were created so they could see in dark places or dark atmospheres, enabling her to impart revelation there. Her ministry is to bring revelation to the people of earth both *saved and *unsaved and bring them into revelation and lead them out of darkness. This Angel of Revelation has been released to you to increase your prophetic seer anointing.

The second angel to introduce herself was on my right and was called the Angel of Promise. She again was in human form plainly dressed in a light beige dress and was tanned or olive skinned in complexion. She had shoulder length light brown hair. As I looked into her eyes rainbow colours began to radiate out from her eyes. She then took on her angelic form and instantly became a brilliant circle of light that included all the colours of the rainbow. There were other forms of energy flowing also from her which perhaps were colours beyond my visual spectrum. She returned to her human form. At this point a thought of doubt came to my mind. I questioned if this whole dream was real. She immediately reacted with a look of complete shock on her face. I immediately asked the Lord to forgive me and then rejected this thought. As this happened, all the scene was fading until I repented for this sinful thought. I had to press back into this scene again to then reengage this angel. She then told me that all angels are very sensitive to evil thoughts that humans have. Any thought that opposes God and His word is evil and if left unattended, will cause humans to lose our heavenly perspective. She then went on to explain that she was assigned strategically in the earth to cause the promises of God to come forth. She was not the promise but she brought the provision of God’s promises to those who would believe. This angel will work along side the prophet who operates under the prophetic seer anointing. 606 angel number

The third angel was in male human form and also dressed in very ordinary man’s clothing. Working clothes that would not be noticed. He had a soft light brown shirt on with similar jeans on. He was called the Angel of Power. He had great power and great humility. His presence radiated those attributes. He however, did not reveal his radiant form to me. He said “I have come to do all things possible with God for those that believe.” This angel fulfils the words of the prophets.

The fourth angel to reveal itself to me was standing behind me. I did not turn to look at this angel for some reason but could feel its presence strongly behind me. This angel was called the Angel of Manifestation. This angel had come to stand behind me to “back me up” This angel would always release confirmation to the Word of God when it was spoken in faith according to *Mark 16: 17 -20.

There were two more angels sitting before me that did not reveal their purpose to me. I began to engage the Angel of Revelation again and had to listen carefully to the words and revelation coming from her to me. I had to ask her for wisdom and understanding because although I could hear what she was saying, I could understand very little of what she said. In the dream, I remember understanding some parts but the words carried deep profound truth. At one point, I heard her say something about “the anthems of God.” Immediately, I could hear within a short distance another angel singing a most beautiful song of praise. This angel in the distance was not using words but was singing pure musical tones. This angel had a beautiful rich voice that could sing or duplicate musical sounds. There were no words or syllables but it was a pure form of musical praise and worship. When the Angel of Revelation said the words “anthems of God.” I said ” I hear that now.” Out of my spirit I began to respond and call out to this angel. I found myself in the dream actually entering into this musical form of praise. I lifted my voice without words or syllables and began to duplicate the same tones that this angel was offering to God. These musical sounds flowed out my inner spirit and I could actually hear it and see it ascending up to the Father. When I began to release this form of music it drew this angel to our group. The other angels with me began to introduce this angel to me. This angel was called the Angel of the Glory. This angel as far as I could tell was neither male or female. This angel was completely gold in appearance. This creatures hair, skin, eyes, hands and clothing were a beautiful, brilliant gold. It was not a metallic gold but a living gold. It was not covered in gold spray or tint. It was made of a living substance that was gold in appearance. There was a golden mist or cloud or atmosphere around this Angel of the Glory. This angel has been strategically released into the earth as well. When the people of God begin to ascend through worship or praise into the Presence of God through the high praises then the Angel of The Glory begins to manifest its presence over the people. The golden atmosphere is released and manifests among the people and upon the servants of God.

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